// The importance of packaging in corporate communication

Being the emblem of a society in which image and exteriority set the rules of the game and representing a direct consequence of a marketing idea that has profoundly evolved compared to the past, the packaging of products has turned from a simple custody of an object to one of the most relevant elements in the process of communication with the customer.

Companies and manufacturers have thus begun to become aware of the increased success that, for the same product, a better packaged object is able to obtain and to what extent a well-designed and carefully crafted packaging can affect consumers’ purchasing preferences.

The function of packaging

Although the main function of packaging is undoubtedly to protect the product from external aggressions (dust, shocks, water) and to preserve it in its entirety, we should not underestimate also its other fundamental prerogatives, which see packaging as a mean, for instance, of information and product beautification.

If on one hand the wise use of colors, refined materials and original shapes, as well as anything that makes the packaging more attractive, precious and pleasant to the customer, can more easily lead to its purchase, on the other hand for companies the packaging represents also one of the most effective marketing strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors and show their distinctive characteristics.

Finding a beautiful and quality package in their hands, the customer will not only appreciate the gesture and remember the company more easily, but probably will also use it again and, carrying that brand around, will advertise it for free.

The value of personalization

In an increasingly globalized world, if you want to build a strong and competitive brand, you cannot ignore the progressive personalization of products and services, which is a sign of care and attention towards the public. Perceiving to be “pampered” and listened to, customers will indeed feel more valued and consequently more inclined to place their trust in a brand that has shown that it knows its tastes by satisfying its needs.

In addition to contributing to customer loyalty, packaging can be an even more effective mean to convey the identity of the product, if it is able to represent an ideal continuation of it, highlighting the quality and essence of the brand and expressing the ethics, values ​​and personality of the company.

A representation that, in the case of customized shoppers and bags, can be rendered with:

Written texts that, in addition to reporting information regarding the composition and place of production of the product, create a real empathic “narrative” about the brand;

Graphic elements, such as brand logos and product images, with strategically chosen fonts and colors;

Shape of the packaging that should immediately catch consumer’s eyes and strongly express the personality of the brand.

Eco-friendly packaging in fashion

It is quite already known that consumers are showing a strong growing preference for environmental sustainability also with regard to packaging. A trend confirmed by the latest market analyzes and particularly true for the fashion industry for which packaging has become an increasingly effective communication tool for sustainability: by preferring recycled materials and minimalist solutions or giving up secondary material, the brand underlines the environmentalist choice it made for its consumers.

With this respect, several packaging companies have chosen innovative solutions for their customers’ fashion products that involve the replacement of polymers from fossil fuels with those derived from sugar cane and the use of ecological materials such as FSC-certified paper and textile products made with natural fibers for neutral or customized bags. A significant innovation that has also regarded the treatment of packaging with the introduction of important innovations such as sterilization systems based on electron beam technology, which allows to foster significant energy savings without neglecting strength and flexibility.

Ideas are information taking shape.

Jim Rohn