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Behind every accessory there is a world made of style and emotion.
Outside, there its a pouch for accessories that will help the client to store it with the care that it deserves.

We dress the small Italian and important foreign fashion manufacturers’ masterpieces with pouches that last in time and maintain their function of protecting and preserving its precious content as well as possible, shielding it and enhancing its value.

The care and precision used to make them, our capacity to organise ourselves around your needs, and our punctual deliveries have always been appreciated. In one word, the professionality of our company.

Small leather items, jewellery, gifts: everything finds its own ideal packaging solution.


For your order of pouches, you can ask for the shape, the fabric, the colour and the type of fastener that you need. Or you can speak to our product development department and together we will find the most suitable pouch. Thanks to the presence of a large stock of ready fabrics, we can also respond to urgent requirements or accept relatively low minimum orders.