Our philosophy is to enhance the value of the products

When a low neckline is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, a bag is an object of desire, a boutique is an enchanted place where you can be nurtured by shapes and colours, at Sacchettificio Toscano we would like to add a small piece to the dream.

We do it with delicate satins that caress the crafted leather, velvets that dress small jewels, strong but resplendently coloured fabrics which hide gifts chosen with love, making them, at the same time, even more desirable.

We have chosen to give you Haute Couture for the packaging: we study what conforms to your style with you and we do it with the passion of those who love beautiful things. Our job is to enhance and embellish your work.

We like to think of ourselves as good travel companions that help you, season after season, to create emotions for the buyers of your products, so that they never forget your name!


100% ecological products

From our love for beauty comes the one for harmony: this is why we are so careful as to be an ethical company that respects nature.

Indeed, the attention and care that transform a simple pouch into an object that your client will keep with care can only come from a peaceful environment.