Ozone hole, unbreathable air, melting glaciers, climatic upheavals, geological disasters, oceans full of plastic, disappearance of animal species. These are some of the effects of environmental degradation to which the prolonged and irresponsible lack of interest in the harmful alterations caused to our planet by human action is leading.

Linked to concatenating causes such as population growth, progressive urban concentration and the excessive production of consumer goods, environmental pollution is causing serious imbalances in the ecosystem and often irreversible damage to the health of all living beings to the point of representing a real threat to the survival of the entire human civilization.

Our planet therefore calls urgently for a drastic change and in recent years projects and proposals promoting new and more sustainable lifestyles have multiplied, promoted especially by the younger generations, particularly attentive and sensitive to environmental issue and eager to actively contribute to the solution of the problem through concrete actions. While waiting for incisive interventions and courageous decisions by nations, there are in fact a series of small daily gestures that we can all do to protect the environment and safeguard nature.

Let’s see together how we can easily make a difference.


The rule of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


Introduced by Greenpeace, this practice consists in implementing consumer habits aimed at reducing, reusing and responsibly recycling the resources available to us. Reducing first of all means decreasing the consumption of goods and energy, being careful, for example, to close the taps when they are not in use, to carefully use air conditioners, to use low consumption light bulbs or to buy class A appliances; reuse means to use an object or a tool again even for a different function from the original one.

For this purpose, a solution could be the use ecological bags and eco-bags for the fruit and vegetable department of supermarkets and of ecological fabric bags and shoppers to be used several times for shopping instead of disposable bags, as well as the realization of vases or candle holders with glass bottles for water or beer.

As for recycle, a solution could be the production of new fabrics obtained from fibers already used to create new clothing items, bags and shoppers, as well as the creation of a variety of Re- pet, a precious and respectful material obtained from polyethylene trephthalate (PET) already used, such as recycled pouches, which are in any case quality bags, cups and sticks for coffee, ecological umbrellas and anti-Covid masks.



Taking care of our environment


Among the small daily actions aimed at protecting the environment, we can certainly include the separate watse collection, glass, paper, plastic and metals.

We can also prefer cycling, public transportations and walking to the use of the car, bearing in mind that alternative transport significantly reduces the environmental impact compared to the huge CO2 emissions produced by cars, which are still one of the main causes of pollution and global warming.

We can protect the green lungs of our cities that provide oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, taking care of and respecting parks and public gardens, planting trees where possible and not buying wooden objects if we cannot be sure of their origin.

Eating well and shopping well will then reduce the consumption of water, energy and emissions necessary to produce food and to deliver it to our tables: we should not waste food favoring seasonal products of local origin, preferably organic, reducing consumption of meat and trying to put the surplus back into circulation.