// All the advantages of cotton shoppers

Shopper, the advertisment you don’t expect

Do you have a brand to promote?

Do you want your brand name to circulate as much as possible and to reach the largest number of people in a short time?

Being nice to look at, comfortable to reuse and resistant, cotton shoppers can be the answer you are looking for.

Highly appreciated because the customer can use them over time and in many alternative ways, the shoppers represent a winning choice for those who decide to promote their brand, adding value to it and making it further professional.

More than a simple bag for the product you have just sold or gadgets for fairs and conferences, the shopping bag represents a powerful offline communication tool. The logo will always be shown around cities, thus achieving a double outcome: advertising the business and creating a closer relationship with customers.

Cotton: a more environment-friendly material

Cotton is always an excellent material: breathable, light and suitable for prints and colours just like our cotton shoppers.

Being a natural fiber, the cotton shopper becomes an environmentally friendly product, especially when it comes to organic cotton.

To guarantee the sustainable production of textile products made with natural fibers from organic farming, certifications are fundamental.

Among the most important certifications for cotton we find GOTS (Global organic textile standard) and BCI (Better cotton initiative).

This material differs from traditional cotton because it is grown, produced and processed according to strict organic agricultural standards. Its production contributes to the health of the environment, favouring the use of natural processes and substances rather than artificial and chemical ones.

Customization that makes the difference

Customizing the shopper means adding that extra element thanks to which a company can stand out from all the others and opportunities to do so are several.

Refined with care and exclusive in their design, the personalized cotton shoppers can be tailor-made and the combinations offered are many, both of natural and bright colours, and of original and creative designs and prints.

How to choose the right shopper?

The range of models is wide, the only limit is the imagination.

Once we have chosen the colours, logo, graphics or message that the brand wants to convey, we will have to pay attention to the details that will make the difference.

Do we prefer bags with long or short handles? With or without latch? And what size? Whether they are small, medium or large, we will choose the width, height and depth (bellows) that are particularly important to make the shopping bags roomy. Furthermore, the thickness of the fabric is essential to define its quality precisely because it guarantees greater resistance and durability over time.

To customize organic cotton shopping bags, one of the best prints is undoubtedly the textile screen printing, widely used because it provides several advantages with respect to quality, speed and price.

It is particularly suitable for printing drawings with clear lines, bright colours and a well-defined look. In fact, thanks to this print, the ink penetrates even the thickest layers of the fabric with the outcome of bright colours and permanent design on the fabric.

If, on the other hand, we have to print more indefinite graphics and shaded colours, the best choice will be a digital print.

Take your brand everywhere, be recognized and remembered with your personalized shopping bag

The cotton shoppers have a smooth, soft, but also refined texture. They are very resistant and totally reusable.

Let us underline, however, that communicating through a product is effective only if it is in line with one’s corporate mission and this is what makes a shopper a real marketing tool, an important means of communication and an excellent tool for conveying a message and increasing the popularity of a brand.

Ideas are information taking shape.

Jim Rohn